It's About Learning, right?

  • 21 September 2016
  • Kristi

Several weeks ago, I began a conversation with a women who was fighting for her special needs brother. He was in his mid twenties, living at home, not really working and not going to college. His parents were enabling him not to do anything. She was encouraging her brother to work by hiring him for her business and nudging him to go to school. Paying him to work was having a toll on her finances, and each time she brought up school it was a tension point. She was at a loss on how to continue to help him.

How the Power of Attitude Can Change Your Life & An Easy Way To Be Grateful

  • 20 September 2016
  • Kristi

It is easy to let all the negative things in your life over take your spirit. This negativity can lead to depression, anger, or despair. I know. I found myself deeply depressed and contemplating suicide...until I began doing this one thing. Watch to find out how to get an "Attitude of Gratitude."




Sensory Fidget Toys

  • 15 September 2016
  • Kristi

Wouldn't be nice to have a child's perspective on which sensory tools and toys they enjoy? This new series, "Munchkin & Me" brings you a kids view of what they like for fidget toys and a parents insight of the costs. Sometimes fidget tools don't have to be fancy or expensive to be effective. In this video we will be showing you a handful of our favorite fidget toys. These are all from the toy store, very inexpensive and can be collectible. Check it out. 

Teeny Tiny Steps Will Get You There

  • 4 September 2016
  • Kristi
Seriously, it doesn't matter what goals you want to accomplish in life, or what changes you want change, YOU have to be willing to do the work. And no one ever said it will happen overnight. Mostly likely whatever you are dealing with didn't happen overnight. Even if it did, how you go forward to a new whatever (plug in weight, financial situation, martial status, career path, etc) takes time.

Pet Pals Puppy Themed Birthday Party for under $150!

  • 18 August 2016
  • Kristi
A Whole Pet Pals Puppy Birthday Party for a Child on a Budget of $150!

Celebrating life creates such wonderful memories. Several weeks ago we celebrated Munchkin's 7th birthday. This years theme was "Pet Pals Puppy". Our planning, this year, was very different than in previous years. We've been focusing on simplifying our life, decluttering materialistic items, reducing our overall debt, and being more conscious of how we spend our money. In birthdays of past, I would pick a theme with a little input from Samantha and just run with it.

When Drama Surrounds You or Your Child

  • 28 June 2016
  • Kristi
The Truth about the Drama that follows your special needs child.

Have you ever known people who seemed overly dramatic? The ones who are always having a crisis in their life. Or perhaps they are very negative. Maybe the ones who you can never tell what type of mood they will be in or swing from happy to sad. I have. For the most part I have either distanced myself or minimized my contact from "those" people. Society tells us they are toxic to our well being and to filter what we expose ourselves too. I have even made posts about putting on your filter and being very selective about what you expose yourself too.

What Does it Mean to Simplify?

  • 17 May 2016
  • Kristi

Taking care of a special needs child is extra hard. Our bandwidth to keep up with all the day to day stuff, plus help our kids can become easily overloaded. One of the biggest things we have tried to do is to SIMPLIFY. And, that not just physical stuff. We have taken a hard look at everything in our life. In this video I share exactly what it means to simplify.



To maximize your success of Simplifying you need to...