The Power of Moms to do What Must Be Done

  • 15 November 2016
  • Kristi
The power of moms to do what must be done

Last Wednesday was very trying as the school phone calls, teacher emails, and child meltdowns were at an all time high. It was becoming so stressful for everyone that it was time to make a drastic change. With much consideration my husband and I chose to remove Munchkin from school to homeschool her. For good this time. POOF! Just like that, our world was about to change. Part of me was disappoint, but I was not surprised. We took on that risk when we moved to PA and enrolled Samantha in private school. The other part of me was relieved.

Embrace Being a Mean LOVING Mom

  • 7 November 2016
  • Kristi
Embrace Being a Mean Loving Mom

As I was out running errands I watched a young girl, around the age 5 scream that she wanted the toy. Her Mother told her No. Of course, she began to cry and scream that she wanted it. You could see the instant stress on the mother's face as her child threw a fit. I kid you not the women picked up the child and gave her the toy. Instantly the tears were gone from the little girl and a huge smile on her face. Later, I watched them check out and go on with their day. 

Unplugged Time Equals Quality Family Time

  • 26 October 2016
  • Kristi

The other day was the perfect storm of what I consider quality family time and it couldn't have come at a better time. All to often I see us slipping away into technology. All of us. As if we were cyber zombies. We are sitting there, side-by-side, or across from one another yet nothing. We don't speak to each other. We don't acknowledge each other. We don't recognize who were are with. Each time I see this it breaks my heart. This is not how I grew up. This is not how I imagined my family time would look. And it's at these moment I feel like disabling everything.

How to Get Your Kids To Pick Up Without Nagging

  • 15 October 2016
  • Kristi
Get Your Kids to Pick Up Without Nagging

As a kid, we ate most of our dinners at the counter in the kitchen. While we ate Wheel of Fortune would come on. Every night. As we ate we would try to solve the puzzle before my Dad who was notorious for knowing it with only a few letters. As I grew older my Mom and I would admire all the gowns that Vanna White would wear as she happily turned the letters. Well, Wheel of Fortune is now over 25 years old (so that tells you a bit about my age) and Vanna is still lighting up the letters.

It's About Learning, right?

  • 21 September 2016
  • Kristi

Several weeks ago, I began a conversation with a women who was fighting for her special needs brother. He was in his mid twenties, living at home, not really working and not going to college. His parents were enabling him not to do anything. She was encouraging her brother to work by hiring him for her business and nudging him to go to school. Paying him to work was having a toll on her finances, and each time she brought up school it was a tension point. She was at a loss on how to continue to help him.

How the Power of Attitude Can Change Your Life & An Easy Way To Be Grateful

  • 20 September 2016
  • Kristi

It is easy to let all the negative things in your life over take your spirit. This negativity can lead to depression, anger, or despair. I know. I found myself deeply depressed and contemplating suicide...until I began doing this one thing. Watch to find out how to get an "Attitude of Gratitude."