The BOOK is Now Available!

  • 11 October 2017
  • Kristi

Over two years ago, God called me to write this book. Often I wondered, why me? I never had a desire to become an author. I was a poor grammarian in school, and it's still not my thing. Maybe because He knows I am loud, or not afraid to share our story. There is a teacher in me, and the desire to help whoever I can. 

I started by writing one paragraph at a time, and one story at a time. There were days that I wasn't sure if I would ever finish it, sometimes, I was lucky to get a couple of sentences. When I would wane, He would whisper again. 

I am delighted to say, I stuck with it and NOW it is available on Amazon in print form and/or Kindle

This story is the real raw tale of all our trials and tribulations in figuring out what our daughter was struggling with. We were in a constant state of free fall. Meltdowns, tantrum, depression, over and over and over. It was awful. Professional help was not available to us. We were left to fight this battle ourselves.

Through tracking, trying, challenges, and growth, we have learned so much and improved our situation 10 fold. Our home is not longer in a state of emotional distress. It is calm and our understanding has transformed us into Empowered Parents.

Know that you are NOT Alone. I understand. This book shares EXACTLY all the things we did and all the techniques we use to be where we are today. If you are ready to change your situation, and move from "Crazy to Calm & from Helpless to Empowered" I encourage to grab your copy.

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