3rd Grade Transition- Parents Beware

  • 19 July 2021
  • Kristi
3rd Grade Transition (Parents Beware!)

Do you have a child entering the 3rd grade this school year? I believe that this grade is an educational transition year for our children. I encourage parents to be diligent as this is the year where the style of education changes for your child. Teachers move away from learning how to read and how to write to learning by reading and writing. That means instead of your child practicing their ABCs and their handwriting they start learning by comprehending what they've read. Many assignments ask your child to reiterate what they've learned in a a written format.

I believe because of this change in educational transition style many students will begin to show learning struggles or delays. If you notice your child struggling, you can work with the school and teachers to include personal modifications. These modifications may take the form adaptive technologies, such as speech to text or uploading worksheets into a typing app. Other ways you may help your child is instead of them reading the passage for comprehension, an adult can read the passage to the student, taking short breaks, and then asking follow up questions to validate comprehension. Audio books are also fantastic as an reading option for children struggling to read. 

Please keep in mind that just because your child can't read by X time doesn't mean that they won't ever. It simple means they require a little more development time and in over a lifetime this delay is inconsequential. The most important takeaway is keep working with them. Also keep in my that these temporary struggles doesn't mean that your child is not intelligent. If you can ask a young child what two plus three and they respond with the correct answer, but they can't write it; does that mean that they are not intelligent?  Absolutely not! There are numerous ways for learning to occur well beyond the traditional educational style of reading and writing. Knowledge can, and often is better retained, through other education forms. 

As the school year approaches, I encourage parents of 3rd graders to be open, flexible, empathetic and diligent to the changing educational style. Small modifications and understand can go a long way to helping your student. If you noticed your child struggling during the thrid grade transition, what modifications did you implement to you help them? Please comment below.  

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