special need parenting truths

Kids are NOT Adults

  • 1 August 2017
  • Kristi
Parents, your kids are not adults. Reset your expectations

A couple of weeks ago, we went to our local amusement park for the day. The weather was beautiful and we were excited. This was the first time Munchkin would have an opportunity to try out some of the bigger roller coasters and rides. My husband and I treated it like a massive experiment. We had no idea how she would respond to the noise, the rides, the crowds, etc. We went in with ZERO expectations of what rides we were going to try. We let Munchkin lead the way.

It's not about Time...it's about Energy

  • 11 April 2016
  • Kristi


So often we place emphasis on how much time something should take and in all honesty, we need to stop looking at time this way. Instead we need to start looking at what we need to accomplish in our day and how much ENERGY those activities require of us. When you are a parent of a special needs child the smallest tasks can take HUGE amount of energy to complete.

Is it Can't or Won't when it comes to being an Empowered Parent?

  • 14 March 2016
  • Kristi
The choice to help your special needs child thrive is yours. You have to decide to do the work

A few weeks ago I was in a conversation with several other Moms about a local child home who takes in kids that have "failed" in the foster system because the parents can't or won't work with their issues. Immediately after that was said, I chimed in with, "It's won't. It's not can't."  Several of the other ladies stopped to look at me, as I am sure they could see that I was really passionate about this. Another Mom proceeded to explain that some parents won't help because they don't know how. <<-- Whoa! Say Wait?