Our Homeschooling Gallery

  • 25 March 2020
  • Kristi
A photo gallery of our homeschooling unschooling activities

I take a guided eclectic unschooling and homeschooling approach with Samantha so we can work through her specific learning needs in a calm loving environment without the social pressures, excess busy work, and emotional peer overload. This gallery is a collection of all the games, worksheets, activities, crafts, and materials we have made. I hope you find them useful, and you can always reach out to me if you have any questions on any of them.


7 Games to Help Learn Math

  • 30 August 2019
  • Kristi
7 Games to Help Learn Math

It seems that whenever you see a child struggle with certain subjects, Math is in the top 3. In our experience, I found that teaching math out of context only makes learning it harder, but when you give a child a real life scenario (that they can relate too), it becomes easier to understand. This is also one of the biggest reasons we unschool and in our unschooling we play a ton of games. Our games include, board games, card games, and on-line games. Today I have rounded up 7 of our all time favorites.

The Truth About Whose Responsible for Educating Your Child

  • 5 May 2018
  • Kristi

Summer is officially here. Most schools are done. Most homeschooling is wrapping up, and many of the private schools have posted their signs for next year registration. It is a time when children feel free and many parents feel trapped. LOL! A strange juxtaposition, don't you think? In all seriousness, I hope that this summer you will take a good hard look at the past year of "school." Were you happy with how your school year went? How did your child fair?  The reason I ask is because now is the time to see if you need to make changes. 

The Power of Moms to do What Must Be Done

  • 15 November 2016
  • Kristi
The power of moms to do what must be done

Last Wednesday was very trying as the school phone calls, teacher emails, and child meltdowns were at an all time high. It was becoming so stressful for everyone that it was time to make a drastic change. With much consideration my husband and I chose to remove Munchkin from school to homeschool her. For good this time. POOF! Just like that, our world was about to change. Part of me was disappoint, but I was not surprised. We took on that risk when we moved to PA and enrolled Samantha in private school. The other part of me was relieved.