6 Must Haves for SPD & ADHD Kids Going Back to School

  • 1 July 2019
  • Kristi
6 Must Haves for SPD & ADHD Kids Going Back to School

With school only a few weeks away, stores have filled their shelves with mountains of back to school supplies. Many of us special needs parents have mixed feelings about sending our kids back to school. It typically means more stress for everyone. It means homework battles, social skill troubles, IEP meetings, and more texts from teachers. Now is the time to think ahead about your child's needs. This is my 6 must haves school supplies for your you SPD or ADHD child.

This blog post contains affiliate links where if you purchase an item I receive a small referral fee. It's enough to support this blog and keep the coffee flowing. 

PS - Even though we have become an unschooling education family, these are items we used to send with our daughter to school and now use them in our home.

Now onto the list . . .

1.) Chair Bands - These are a quiet way for your child to burn extra energy while seated at their desks. They are easy to install and won't damage the desk. 

2.) Fidget Cube of Fidget Spinner - I know the spinners are all the rage right now. I actually prefer the cubes to the spinners because the cubes offer kids more choices for sensory interaction. 

3.) Chewing Pencils with Built In Fidgets - My daughter loves these. She chews on the tops and plays with the wing nuts. 

4.) Wiggle Seat - These are perfect for desks or circle time. This disc allows your child to wiggle quietly back and forth on the chair while they work. Each side of the wiggle seat offers a different sensory input texture; nubs or plain. Easily inflates with a pump that comes with the disc. 

5.) Chewlery Necklaces & Bracelets - We love these and have several. There are many styles for both boys and girls. They are made of a BPA free silicone plastic that can hold up to the wear and tear of chewing. Easy to wash and the necklaces make it easy for your child to have it at the ready. 

6.) Weighted Lap Bag - This bag helps children with sensory input to stay calm. Plus, the fabric springs provide quiet fidget toys and textural play. 

What other items are on your must have back to school list for your child? 



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