Let's Be Real...Not Fake

  • 22 June 2017
  • Kristi
Why strive for fake living? Let's be real

We scroll through Facebook or Instagram seeing little snippets of other peoples lives and they can look perfect. NEWS FLASH...we are all a bunch of hot messes just trying to survive. Everyone's behind the scenes has ugly parts, but we do our best to hide them. WHY? That's where the truth and real is happening. We have to stop striving for fake lives. Let's all agree that real life is messy, random, crazy, & beautiful.

In this video I come clean about what our real life looks like and how we should all start forgiving ourselves that our homes aren't a stagged models.  


I love this quote -->> " Pardon our Mess we are Making Memories"

It speaks volumes to what living life (especially with children) means. Authentic living means throwing out what others think because you still have dirty dishes in your sink. Authentic living means your kids wanted to dig for dinosaurs and the rock has covered your floor with an inch of dust. Authentic living means piling all the pillows on the messy bed to jump in them, or watching the trail of muddy foot prints lead to the bathroom. To live and to be present means something has to give and you have to choose wisely HOW you use your time. 

If there are people in our life that remark that your house isn't clean or your lawn isn't as tidy as they think, remove them from your life. You want to surround yourself with other AUTHENTIC people living real lives who are empathic and understanding. 

Do you feel the pressures of making your life look perfect? Do you feel bad because your home isn't neat and tidy? How do you handle it? 


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