How to Get Your Kids To Pick Up Without Nagging

  • 15 October 2016
  • Kristi
Get Your Kids to Pick Up Without Nagging

As a kid, we ate most of our dinners at the counter in the kitchen. While we ate Wheel of Fortune would come on. Every night. As we ate we would try to solve the puzzle before my Dad who was notorious for knowing it with only a few letters. As I grew older my Mom and I would admire all the gowns that Vanna White would wear as she happily turned the letters. Well, Wheel of Fortune is now over 25 years old (so that tells you a bit about my age) and Vanna is still lighting up the letters.

What does that have to do with getting your kids to pick up? Good question. About 6 months ago I found myself constantly nagging Samantha to pick up her clothes, her toys, her towels, her dishes, and everything else that she had left in her debris path. (She didn't earn her nickname of F5 for nothing). I frankly grew very tired of nagging. I didn't feel like a good mom for doing it and I was exhausted of wasting my breath. Not to mention, most of my nagging was meet with more resistance and argument. Until one afternoon when I got an idea. LIGHTBULB!!!

I was determined to find a better way to do get her to pick up and for me not to have nag. Check out the video below to see my no nagging cleaning hack for kids. 

I know it looks silly, but it works. In fact, since I have implemented this no nagging pick up technique Samantha's learned to pick up and I only have to use it less than 5% of the time. That's a HUGE improvement to me constantly nagging.

Do you have a great tip on how to get your kids to pick up without nagging? Tell me in the comments below.

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