Review of Universal Yums Subscription Service

  • 20 January 2020
  • Kristi
Review of Universal Yums Subscription Service

In the past we tried Littlest Passports as way to introduce some culture to Samantha. Well, over time she simply out grew it and I was looking for something else. Luck would have it that this subscription service was mentioned in one of my private Unschooling groups. I looked into it and figured this was worth a try...why?

Because I know 2 things about my daughter.

  1. She loves eating desserts & snacks I don't want her too...LOL
  2. She loves mystery boxes of items.

BINGO! In comes the Univeral Yums Box. This is a box of snacks from around the world. Each month they send you a sampling of a the most poplar snacks from a particular country. The country is a surprise each month so you have no idea what's coming.

This is the small box for $15. This month was Poland. I loved the pamphlet they sent with some fun facts about the country and a detailed explanation of each snack in the box. They also provide a card so you can rank the snacks from best to weirdest. Samantha LOVED it! She shared it with her cousin during their sleepover and had so much fun giving these items a try. (Which in its self is a win, as she has many textural struggles with new foods.) Of course, I read the descriptions of what they were eating AFTER they took a bite of each one.

Now that we know what the country is, to further our knowledge and fun, we plan on do a simple International Dinner at home with the focus on Poland. I can say we are very excited for our next box. I am delighted I have stumbled onto this fun way to learn about countries and culture from around the world.

Start your subscription here -->> (aff) We both get $5 off our orders.

NOTE - Universal Yums did not send my this product to review and all information, thoughts, and opinions are my own.


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