7 Anger Calming Techniques

  • 21 August 2019
  • Kristi
7 Anger Calming Techniques. Learn how to help your child calm down when they are angry.

First of all, you need to accept that anger is a perfectly natural feeling for your child to have. It's what they do when they are angry is where they need help. Empathize with their anger. They are struggling with something and you are going to help them work through it. Also, remember that anger is usually a by product of another feeling that is the root cause of the issue.

Here are the techniques we have successfully used to calm our child whenever she was angry and/or aggressive.

1.) When they begin to yell you change your voice to a whisper. - Do NOT feed the fire that is already ranging.

2.) Clap your hands directly in front of their face several times. This helps "snap" their brain from the current cycle so you can move on to a breathing or counting technique.

3.) Breathing. Lots of breathing. Deep breath in (smell the flowers, long breath out the mouth, blow the bubbles.) Do this with them while looking them directly in the face (if possible). It will take them a few tires for their brain to change tracks.

4.) Counting backwards from any number. I usually do 20 very slowly, calmly, yet loud enough it can be heard over any anger noise.

5.) Give them an alternative way to release the energy. Have them punch pillows, try to push your hands as hard as they can, scream at the top of their lungs, and other way you can safely have that energy released.

6.) Change the mood by using smells and sensory products. Spray something in the air that smells good (lemon, citrus, cinnamon) and has a strong enough smell that it wont be missed. Then give them something in their hands (we've used crackling foam) and have them rub their hands together. This allows that smell and sensory to become the new focus.

7.) Sit with them and ride it out. Sometimes the best thing you can do, is sit quietly (DO NOT SPEAK), and wait while they work through their anger. This way they know you are there to support them and to ensure they are not going to break items or injury others.

If you have any anger calming techniques, please share below. Let's help each other.

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